It’s Nice to Meet You

Thanks for Stopping By!

Alexander & Bri here and we are what make up Alexander Francis Films. We’ve been filming together since 2014 but our professional lives as creatives started in 2009 out of college. Alex and I (Bri) took our creative trades, a mixture of broadcasting + graphic design and started our film journey with Owensboro’s Indie Connection. OIC was our period of experimentation. We followed local bands around the Tri-State and filmed live shows. From there we began to get bigger projects in our laps and Alexander Francis Films was born. To date some of our clients include OMGcon, Integrity Motors, Glenmore Distillery, KASAP, various weddings and more!

Outside of our profession we are a family of three with one on the way (or a newborn depending on when you see this!!). We love shooting videos of family and spend an unreasonable amount of time outdoors during the summer. Alexander works full time as a media producer and wakes up with our GH5 (dslr) in his hand. Bri is more of a graphic artist and is Adobe’s number one fan. From that description some may assume that we had creative kids as well but somehow we’re raising a hardcore mathlete haha.

So with that being said, please feel free browse through our artwork and let us know what you’re working on. We love to hear from the community and anyone else interested in creative videography services.