This last week or so has been INCREDIBLY stressful for Alex and I. I mean it was so exhausting that I was going home on my lunch hour to study for my Part 107 (Drone) Exam, then with 5 minutes to spare realizing “oh, I was supposed to get gas on lunch and oh yea, I was supposed to stop by the UPS warehouse to pick up that lens adapter. Oops… The crazy thing is we’ve been studying for this drone certificate since March but it took that dang practice test to shake our confidence. This last week every waking hour was spent watching ‘Remote Pilot 101’ courses and using this study guide app on my phone. Then we hyperventilated all the way to Bowling Green, sweaty palms and all, to take this test. The last time I took a test was in college, and then again I went for graphic design so my grades for the last two years were highly project based.

BUT WE PASSED! Alexander Francis Films is now licensed to fly drones for commercial purposes. Weddings, real estate, assistance with building/tower inspections, music videos, we can do it all now.. Legally. We’re both so excited to add this new visual element to our projects in the future and it’s just another step in providing our clients the highest quality in their videography projects.

Also, I wanted to mention all of the incredibly supportive friends and family that encouraged us throughout this process, now I can tell you all about the TAFs, METARS and Sectional Charts!


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